Dr. Chris Brummer: I am now delighted to welcome Patrick Njoroge to FinTech Week, who many of you around the world are familiar with. Mr. Njoroge is the governor of the Central Bank of Kenya and is joining us to talk about Mpesa, and the path breaking innovation the country has initiated, and the plans that he has looking forward. Mr. Njoroge, thank you so much for joining us here over at DC FinTech Week.

Patrick Njoroge: Thank you, Chris. Thank you very much for inviting me to appear in this presentation and this fintech week.

Dr. Chris Brummer: So, you know, I think many viewers certainly who are at our conference may take perhaps Mpesa for granted a little bit because it’s there and it’s been such a spectacular success. But maybe you could talk to us just a little bit about where Mpesa came from and what it took on your end or at least on Kenya to get such an expansive program up and going. A little bit about the history of the Mpesa. …


Chris Brummer

Chris Brummer is a Georgetown law professor, author, and lecturer.

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